Sunday, November 18, 2007


For whatever reason, my first instinct this morning when I saw all the snow, was to smile. I love it when there's huge snowflakes falling. But then of course, my common sense kicked in and I realized that I'd be the sole shoveler of all that snow and my smile fell away. I was kinda hoping the snow would stay away a bit longer. Just makes for a longer winter and white knuckles on the highway drives. Of course the kids were their minds all they see are the possible snowmen and snow mountains dying to be created. But can you blame them? Oh to be young and have no worries again.

And of course with all that snow one can't help but think about Christmas. Every year I write a letter covering highlights from the past year in our family. It's usually quite comical and something I look forward to doing. There's just something about Christmas that makes me want to send long winded letters about me and my family, with pictures taken of us smiling thru our teeth after taking numerous pictures in different poses, and Christmas cards that I only have time to write my own name on. Can you feel the warmth? Seriously tho', I don't care if I haven't seen you in years, or that I only write you this one time of year, it's just something I enjoy doing. And so every year I write these letters, include a decent picture of the family, and actually write a little message in over 30 cards that I send out to all our relatives. Man...just over a month left...I better get started.

But first I want to check my facebook!

sorry for the super lame post...I thought it would turn out better than this!