Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas 2007

Steve got home late on the 21. That was awesome. We sat on the couch, drank a quick drink and talked for a few hours. It felt so good to go to bed minus a layer of clothing (and no, I don't mean naked... I sleep with 2 shirts and pants when he's gone) and with only 1 comforter on the bed. Saturday, unfortunately, I felt was kind of a disappointment. We were supposed to go on our annual Christmas tree hunt, but due to sleeping husbands and kids, we never got around to it. And by the time we actually got our butts in gear, trees were sold out everywhere we looked. Sunday was good. Beautiful sunny day, great visits at church (and good singing during the carol service!!) and we were able to go on our tree hunt and find a tree within 30 minutes of walking in the forest. It was a really great day. We spent the rest of the day decorating our wonderful tree, ordering pizza (a Reid tradition 3 years running) and watching Christmas classics like Garfield Christmas, Flinstone Christmas, Frosty the Snowman and of course The Grinch. Monday we did some grocery shopping for turkeys and cheese balls then went tobogganing out at the Lil' Red. I can't believe how much my kids have changed in a year. Last year Callah couldn't walk up the hill if we tied a rope to her and helped her up, nor would they (Matthias or Callah) go down by themselves. This year Callah walked up every time by herself and she would take a running head start on the slide and slide down by herself! I couldn't believe some of the "dives" she was doing! She is so like her dad! What a little daredevil. The best part was Keziah slept the whole time, it was great! We finished the night with the candle light service at the church, came home ate some cheese ball and popcorn and watched Deck the Halls.

One of my highlights was waking up Christmas morning to the sound of Matthias and Callah opening their stockings. What a delight!
"Callah look!" "That's so cool!" "This is my favourite!!" "Oh yeah!!" Followed by giggles and various degrees of amused laughter. It was awesome.

Now this is my little rant for the week. This year presents weren't that important to me. I wouldn't have cared if I didn't get anyting. Really, I honestly mean that. All I wanted was a tree, some lights and Steve home. But for whatever reason I received some gifts that I can only guess were given simply to give something. Cookie sheets and an EZWrap 3000. I know, I know try to contain your jealousy. You all wish that you too could get an EZWrap for Christmas, right?? And that's what bothers me, don't bother getting me something that I don't need or want, I'd rather you get me nothing at all, or if you feel that you really must get me something give me $ or a gift certificate for a place that you know I shop (key word there: know). I really don't mean to sound ungrateful, and I know I come across that way, but cookie sheets and EZWrap just don't make me feel a giddy and excited inside. I'm sorry, but they don't.

So that bummed me out for a few hours yesterday, but nothing Captain Morgan and some cheezies couldn't help. Turkey was good, dessert was good, the evening ended well with John McClane stopping by for a visit.

And now he's gone. He's actually been gone for over an hour. We did some quick shopping this morning. He had to pick some stuff up before heading back and there was some boxing day stuff that I thought would be handy. We loaded up Gus' new dog house and his new bag with wheels. For awhile I felt like crawling under a blanket and crying, but then I reminded myself that I need to be strong. It's only for a few days and we'll see him again for a bit around New Years. The next 4 months should fly by. Here's praying anyway.

So that was our Christmas. I hope you all had a good one and wish you all the best in the new year to come!