Saturday, December 15, 2007

the wrath of Lisa

I hate drivers. I hate PA drivers. I hate people who can't drive on snowy streets and don't pay attention to their driving.

Alright, I was just hit by another car. I'm pissed. I'm really really mad. I don't need this right now. I had the two girls in the van with me. A few second later and she could've pegged off Keziah. I was fuming mad. Believe it or not I've calmed down a bit now that I've made my claim, but I'm still ticked off. I just wanted to yell, "LADY LOOK!!" Just a moment of "fogginess" and look where we are...I can't open my driver's door b'cos of a stupid little dent that you made in my van. The only happiness thought that I get from all of this (sadly) is that there's more damage to her car than there is my van. So thank you very much for ruining what had hope of being a perfectly enjoyable Saturday!!