Wednesday, December 19, 2007


For years I've been a huge music fan. I use music to express how I'm feeling. Back in highschool in my "darker" days there was alot of Pearl Jam, Tea Party and The Cult. Now I'm listening to Hairspray. Quite the difference.

Now that's it's close to Christmas I'm thinking Mariah Carey.

A while back, on a trip to S'toon with a van full of Mom's, we got to talking about worship music. How it moves some of us, and moves others in the wrong way. I have nothing against worship music, it's just not my thing. I can get completely emotional over a P.O.D. or Toby Mac song. Third Day continually moves me and makes me feel like such a schmuck, but in a goodway. When Steve and I got married our wedding song was Love Song by Third Day. I really like how they write songs from God's perspective. Something different.

Now that Steve's away I listen to a bunch of songs differently. Everytime I hear Gerry Raferty I cry. Actually there's alot of songs that make me cry. When I was pregnant with Callah, Meatloaf used to make me cry.

Anyway, I need some more sinus cold medication and I'll bet my clean socks that Keziah is eating something she shouldn't.

Until next time...Merry Christmas!