Monday, December 03, 2007

snoring dogs

Growing up I always had a dog. Our 4th dog was a mix between a boxer, german shephard and dalmation. She was the tamest, best behaved dog ever and a true delight for the years we had her. I don't remember how it happened (maybe the warmth...I'm a sucker for warmth) but she always used to sleep on my bed. Growing up I had a twin bed so there wasn't always alot of room (for 5'10" me and my 75 lbs dog), but somehow we managed. The only complaint I would have of those years was she snored. She snored like there was no tomorrow (I suppose now in hind-sight God was preparing me for Steve!) and what brought all this up in my mind was that last night, Keziah was snoring and she sounded exactly like this dog. It was amazing! You know how some smells make you remember certain memories? Well for me, last night, it was the snoring. So thank you Keziah for making me remember and feeling all cozy and warm inside! :)