Monday, February 11, 2008


After a devastating (at least in my world) day yesterday I called my Mom, in tears, and asked her to come stay with me. Of course, 10 minutes later, after getting some fresh air, I phoned her back and said she really didn't have to. She's got her own life and surprisingly (or maybe not) it's not that simple to move and shuffle around. So we agreed to play it by ear and if my kidlets weren't feeling better by noon today, then she'd plan on coming. Otherwise she'd stay.

It was a rough nite on the couch with Callah but around 2:30 am she started sitting on the toilet (instead of face in) and I was hopeful things were going to turn around. By 8 am she was her normal hungry self "Mom, I'm hungry." and trying to restrict her hunger is like fighting off a pack of rabbie infested wolves. But she took it slow and everything is staying down, so that's a bonus.

I washed all their bedding, Lysol'ed almost everything else, cleaned the bathroom, scrubbed the floors, opened the doors to let some fresh air circulate and hopefully that'll keep us healthy for a few weeks more anyway.

I don't know anyone who hasn't been affected by the flu/cold bug yet this season. So take care out there (and yes, those commercials mean more to me than they did before) and please remember to wash your hands.