Wednesday, February 06, 2008


When I see that I want to tell it where to go....and not in a nice way.

I realized today that I'm just tired. I'm grumpy and tired. My eye twitch and I have become the bestest of friends. We talk, hang out. Shoot the... I just need a break.

I am sooooooooooo (I could go on forever for added emphasis) looking forward to next weekend. Steve and I are going to hibernate in a hotel room for 24 hours. And don't go thinking dirty thoughts, I can almost guarantee you that we'll be asleep before 9 pm. Yes there will be alcohol. And yes there will be pizza (did you know Vern's closed down here in PA? A terrible, terrible thing. That alone would get anyone thinking about leaving this whole area.) courtesy of the Vern's Special. But most notably there will be NO kids.

Did I mention that I'm looking forward to it?

So as I fondly remember the events of the day....running like a madwoman to get my kids to the library in time (but of course we were late), going shopping in S'store where Keziah took it upon herself to scream like a banshee and Callah ran laps around old people with canes, taking Matt to the doctor only to be told something I already new- making me look like a worrisome loon, going shopping once again in Safeway and finally the crowning achievement that just happened as I write this...killing a fruit fly that landed square on my glass lens.

Yes, I think drinks are in order for tonite. Make them short doubles and keep 'em coming!