Friday, February 08, 2008

life isn't smelling so sweet

After an awesome time out for supper and bowling with some friends last night I was totally stoked to come home and find out that Matthias hadn't puked - ending a 6 night puking streak. I was able to have a quick conversation with the hubby, not as good as I would have liked, but found out that he passed a major exam and so that was good. Went to bed relatively early and conked right out.

3:34 am rolls around to the sound of Keziah gagging. I walk over to her bed, feel around and am grossed out by wetness. She'd been throwing up. So I changed her bed and brought her out to the living room. Gave her a bottle and as I'm burping her over my shoulder, her mouth opens and everything that just went in, came back out all over the kitchen floor. So I peeled off my soggy pajamas and mopped the floor, leaving her to play with her soother in the living room. Coo-ing away. Finally get things cleaned up and we're back to bed...4:37 am.

9-ish Callah pokes her head in my room and says she's hungry. So I get up to get them breakfast. Go check on some laundry from Kez's episode, come back upstairs and hear Matthias throwing up in the bathroom. That's pretty much what he's been doing ever since. And man, it wreaks!

And so between Keziah throwing up her stomache contents (which she's done 3 more times) and Matthias heaving up his (which he's done...well let's just say ALOT) the smell isn't that rosy in here anymore.

I should almost put up a "WARNING: FOUL SMELL" sign or something.

Sigh. Oh well, luckily there are lots of good bowling memories to help get me thru this. :)