Wednesday, December 07, 2005


There's this thing going around the inter-web, reminds me of a chain letter, which growing up, I always thru away. But before I threw them away, if they were questions, I'd tell myself the answers first. So I'll fill out this "questionaire" b'cos if nothing else, it might give some insight to myself, and b'cos I'm bored. So thank you Dixie.

7 Things to Do Before I Die:
1. Go to Scotland
2. Be financially secure
3. Get a tattoo
4. bike/walk/canoe across Canada
5. Do a long-term mission somewhere
6. Go to New Zealand (adventure capitol of the world!!)
7. Raise self-sufficient, God fearing, loving children into adults

7 Things I Cannot Do
1. Stay emotionally calm
2. Sleep while someone else is snoring
3. Skate (altho' for the life of me, I'm trying)
4. Watch a western movie all the way thru at one sitting
5. Drink beer
6. Sleep past 10 am.
7. Resist the convenience of fast food

7 Things That Attract Me To My Spouse (when I first met him)
1. His dog Newt
2. His cool vehicle (1982 Landcruiser)
3. His love for God
4. The way his hair curled out from under his baseball hat
5. His smile
6. His voice
7. His love for music

7 Things That Attract Me To My Spouse (now)
1. His love for God
2. His optimism
3. The way he plays with my kids
4. His love for his job (even when things go crappy)
5. The way he can make me laugh even on the crappiest of days
6. His solid hugs
7. His singing (which is so bad, it's cute)

7 Things I Say Most Often
1. "Don't"
2. "No"
3. "Don't touch."
4. "Do you have to go pee?"
5. "Obviously."
6. "No he's not here. Can I take a message?"
7. "I said, don't touch."

7 Books I Love
1. Captivating by John & Stasi Eldredge
2. Little Women by Louissa May Alcott
3. The Complete Bartender (altho' I have never read it fully, I like having it on my shelf)
4. Jean M. Auel books
5. Maeve Binchy books
6. Guardian of The Balance by Irene Radford
7. Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller

7 Movies I Would Watch Over and Over
1. Braveheart
2. 13 Going on 30
3. The Day After Tomorrow
4. Garden State
5. Fried Green Tomatoes
6. Emma
7. Dodgeball

I'm suppossed to invite 7 people to join in on this bizarre fad, but I don't know 7 people who haven't already done this. So I'll just list a few people I know who haven't been "tagged" Steve, Gavin, Luke, Matt
If you read this blog and have time to spare, leave me your answers or e-mail them. I'd love to hear them!