Monday, December 12, 2005


Last night Steve and I watched Cinderella Man (with Russell Crowe and Renee Zellweggar). It's a true story of a boxer thru the Great Depression of 1929-1933. I thought it was really good. One of those feel good movies. For some reason there seems to be a couple of those boxer feel-good shows. I also recommend Million Dollar Baby too. Anyway, without ruining it too much, I hope, James Braddock looses everything when the stock crashes in 1929. Not making ends meet, they loose the power and heat to their little apartment. They can no longer even afford milk. But James promises his young son that he'd never send him and his siblings away. No matter what James would keep the family together. The story goes on, and his wife ends up sending the kids away without James knowing causing James to beg for money to pay-up the power and heat guys. Then James, who had been down on his luck in the ring, took one last fight with a payout of $250. During the fight, he gets hit pretty hard, but at the last second as he's going down, he remembers what it was like to come home and find his kids gone. The house empty. He remembers seeing the empty milk jars with a "PAST DUE" notice on them. He will NOT let that happen again. So he comes back and ends up winning the fight.
Later on in the movie, at a press junket, a reporter asks him why he's fighting again, or something. James simply says, "Milk."
What is it that drives you to keep your family together? Seeing a movie like that, I can't imagine how desperate I'd feel if I were in their position. Trying so hard to keep my family together, like so many hundreds and thousands of others during that time. Family is so important. Being a mother now myself, it puts a whole different perspective on it. What would you do, to keep your family together?

I found out about this yesterday. Sad.