Saturday, December 10, 2005

A Little Forgetful

Thursday we took the kids with us to do some shopping. Thinking they're still too young to remember stuff well. So we bought them Mr. Potato Head. Matthias picked it out and carried it to the checkout and paid for it. Then when we brought it home, I said, "Give it to Mommy and you can play with it later."
"Later?" he asked slightly worried.
"You have to wait till Christmas."
"Yeah, now give it to Mommy."
I "hid" it downstairs with their other presents in the spare bedroom. 2 days later, he's totally forgotten about Mr. Potato Head. Either I'm too clever for him, or he's a little forgetful.

Oh and before I forget, if you're reading this from PA, don't forget about the Mom's Morning Out Christmas Potluck this Tuesday. There's always TONNES of food and lots of laughter. See you there!