Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Four Things

B'cos I'm bored (altho' my head really feels like it wants to lay down) I'll do this, but I'm changing it up a bit!

Four jobs I've had:
-McDonald's (for 4 years)
-Humane Society
-coffee shop server
-worked in a brewery in Ontario (by far the BEST job I've ever had)

Four places I've lived:
-Hornby Island, BC
-Peterborough, Ont.
-Les Cedres, QC.
-Regina, Sk. (and of course PA)

Four TV shows I love:
-CSI (the original)
-Criminal Minds

Four places I've visited (been):
-Florida (layover on the way to Bolivia)
-Chicago (2 week bus ride down there)

Four of my favourite dishes:
-lasagna (with spinach & meat)
-chicken cordon bleu with wild rice
-good ol' Kraft Dinner always satisfies!
-a big juicy, cheesy burger with bacon

Four sites I visit daily:
-Randall Friesen
-Chez Gavin

Four places I'd rather be right now:
-Hornby Island
-in bed
-East Coast of Canada
-somewhere warm, not hot, not cold, but warm...

This morning at Mom's we didn't watch '10 Questions we ask about Sex'. We watched another Marriage Uncesored video about being a 'pain' to live with and how we can lighten up our home lives. It was alright, but honestly, I was looking forward to learning about sex.
Next week there will be a panel of 6 people giving book reports on books relating to sex/marriage/relationships. Could be interesting. See you next week!