Tuesday, January 24, 2006

I love being a Mom

There's times when I really love being a Mom, and one of those times was this morning at Moms. This morning we had an "Ask a Mom/Woman" segment. It was alot of fun, there were some really good serious questions and some funny lighthearted questions. Alot of information was shared and ladies really opened up. Made me really glad to be apart of something like this.

And don't forget! Next week we watch a video on S-E-X!!

Another thing happened today that made me glad I was a mom. My daughter, bless her little heart, got into our butter dish. Not just once, but twice! The second time she had this soft, melting butter all over her hair and face, down the front of her shirt, in her hands and on the back of the chair. What made me glad I was a mom, was that I was busy making supper when she did this, so her father had to clean her up!