Sunday, February 19, 2006

happy, happy...happy?

Maybe it's the impending time of the month, or maybe it was the frigid temperatures last week, or maybe it's the fact that I still have a stinkin' cold. Whatever the excuse I'm finding reasons to be mad. It's funny, I'm taking a bible study right now called Healing For The Angry Heart, and while it's nothing really new, it does make me re-think alot of things and how I can always handle situations better. I'm also realizing that I do have an anger problem, and it may be harder to get rid of than I originally thought and I have alot of apologizing to do! But I'm also having to deal with a lack of contentment in my own life. Like I posted earlier, there are a few others out there thinking about contentment and I can honestly say, if I were in their situation, I'd be pretty stinkin' content. We always think that our situation is worse off, that the other side is greener and we rarely take the time to think of our own blessings. I remember the first church camp I ever worked at was back in 2000 in Cypress Hills. We had to spend a whole afternoon meditating on how blessed our life was and we had to write down a blessing that happened every day we were there. It's something we can all do and it's so simple really. We have food (might not be what we want, but it fills our belly), shelter (again, might not be as nice as that guy's house across the street, but it keeps you warm) and general health (I'd take a cold over cancer any day of the week). So really, what haven't I to be content about? Why do I twist it about and grudge those who have more than me?

I don't know what to say to that. Any ideas? Anyone? I know it's something that I'll continue to struggle with, that I continually ask God for help with and I pray about and over all the time.

So until next time...thank You for this computer that I'm able to jot down my thoughts, even if I go away more confused than when I logged on.

This week at Mom's we're doing a magnet craft. Shouldn't take too long, so there will be lots of time for chatting and socializing with friends! Or bring your own and finish up an old project!! See you there!!