Saturday, February 11, 2006

A Nice Family Moment

The past 2 weeks have been anything but nice and familial (if that's even a word) what with my being sick and Steve being so stinkin' busy with hockey, church and our stupid vehicle. But today, like a breathe of fresh air, something seems different. Just a few moments ago, Steve was practicing his songs for Sunday on guitar, I was sitting on the couch downstairs and the kids were dancing to the music. They ran over to Steve and wanted to "strum" the guitar (not quite as pleasant to the ear, but they're learning!). It's funny to see how entranced they are by the guitar. A good thing.

Otherwise, I'm REALLY getting sick of staying home. I'm doubting more and more that I actually have whooping cough. All that I've read up on it says that it lasts for weeks and weeks. While the symptoms I had/have are the symptoms of the cough, they've all been in the span of a 2 week period, and I'm feeling better every day. So the choice becomes mine, whether or not to go out into the world or sit here, bored, waiting for the test results from my doctor (who appears to be on holidays for the next week). Never being one to sit useless, I'm thinking I may take matters into my own hands and face sunlight once again. Of course, I won't be "smothering" myself onto other people. I'm not that stupid and carefree! Like I said, today there's something different in the air, I just hope it stays like this!