Wednesday, May 03, 2006

is this normal?

Both my kids have colds...again. I'm seriously wondering if there isn't more to it then just the weather or germs. Is there something in my house? The carpet maybe? So I washed down all the walls again with bleach, maybe that'll help.

But this morning Callah was in her room when I heard her call out in this really low, scratchy voice, "Mommy...Mommy...". It was kinda freaky. I went to check on her to see if it really was my little girl. There she was reading books on the floor. Now let me ask you, is that normal?

This evening at supper I look up at Matthias and he has the collar of his shirt pulled down exposing his nipple. "Mommy, this is my boob." He then proceeded to tickle himself and say "tickle, tickle". I covered my mouth with my hands to hide my smile, then told him to stop doing that and eat his supper. Again, let me ask you, is this normal?