Monday, May 29, 2006

rain, rain, rain

I am so sick of rain. This is definately why I could never live on the west or east coast. I did once for 3 months and that was long enough for me. Not only is it just gloomy, but it wreaks havoc with your emotions. This past week has been hell at my house. I thought it was just PMS (by the way, as a side note, a woman at my bible study last week told this joke. Why is it called PMS? B'cos mad cow disease was already taken. Badoom, doom, crash - that's the drum/cymbol sound that always follows a bad joke) but I noticed Steve had it too, so it occured to me that it must have something to do with the weather. Not to mention the fact that the kids were absolutely psycho last week as well. So I'm finished with my period now and finding myself still quite moody and well, generally literally just pissed off and irritable. Is there such thing as post-menstrual syndrome ? I wonder. Yesterday, everyone and everything was completely ticking me off at church which only irritated me further b'cos all I could think about was how good, Christian women (especially youth pastor wives) should NOT act and think like this. I was and am so ashamed.

Guess I need to work on that "Healing for the angry heart" study again.

On the up side (and if your a natural pessimist like myself, you may be asking,"what? There's an upside?") the sun is suppossed to make an appearance for 2 days, before hiding again for another week, Tuesday and Wednesday, so Kinsmen park should still be on. Hope to see you all there (and I do mean it, honestly)!