Saturday, May 27, 2006


After a "beautiful" morning outside golfing with a bunch of other Mom's and a supremely full stomache I was really glad to come home to a sleeping house. Thinking (key word: thinking) how wonderful it would be to have a sleep on the couch, I curled up with a blanket and pillow and closed my eyes. 15 minutes later the phone rang. 10 minutes after that the kids woke up, one after the other. So I hurded them together and said, "it's not time to get up yet, let's go sleep on Mom's bed." Bad idea. Huge mistake. No sooner did I get them down, then they started poking one another. "Eye" Callah would say and gouge out Matthias' eye. "Ear" and pull his ear (and of course she'd have to do both eyes and both ears). Then they started pushing and laughing. I curled into a ball. Then they jumped up and starting chasing each other around my curled form on the bed. "Ouch!" I'd mumble as they stepped on a bunch of my hair. "Ouch!" as they tripped over my leg. I pulled my blanket over my head and curled into the fetal position.

I wonder... is this some sort of rite of passage into motherhood?