Wednesday, July 30, 2008

saving the best for last

When we were living in a hotel for 10 days we got to eat out as much as we could. Basically that's all that we could do. Honestly it sucked. Even I got sick of "burger fries" every day and was in desperate need of a change. Every once in awhile we'd go into the "big" city and eat at a nicer restaurant. A few times we'd hit Montana's (which is a personal favourite - I LOVE their Big Sky Burger!). If you've been there you'll know that ontop of every table is a sheet of brown newsprint that the servers write their names on and then you can doodle while you wait for your food. It's a great way to kill the time. Last time we were there tho' Keziah used it for a different reason. She sat at the end of a booth in a highchair, and she'd take a bite of whatever she was eating and then put the rest under this brown paper, as if she was saving it for later. Here's a pic of her storing her food. We sure got a kick out of it. And true to her form, after she had a little break, she went back for her little stash and started snacking.