Tuesday, November 01, 2005

babies and chocolate

I just don't know if there is anything cuter than kissing your toddler, who has just eaten an AERO bar and now has a stream of chocolate drool coasting down her chin. It's almost like eating a whole bunch of chocolate and then asking a good friend if you have chocolate in your teeth?

A young lady, who used to be in our youth group, just had a baby boy this morning. I'm excited for her and I know that she'll need alot of prayer. Both mom and baby are doing fine. I can't wait to see him. There's always something exciting about holding a baby that isn't yours.

This morning at Mom's we had Dr. Dale Ardell talk about some women health issues. Kinda freaky all this cancer going around. If you have any history at all in your family, then your more likely to get it too. Some, like ovarian and uterian, cancer are hard to diagnose. So he said that basically if you have any sort of abnormal bleeding. Get checked right away. Don't wait, it could save your life.

AND the best part yet!! I didn't get called to pick up Callah! This was truly THE GREATEST MORNING EVER!!!