Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Hump Day

For some reason I'm actually enjoying today as a "hump day". This week is taking forever to get done and so it being Wednesday, and half over, seems like some sort of accomplishment. Yippee!! Yesterday at Mom's I was stuck in the Toddler room, this time by choice. So I can't really say how well the finance speaker went. I heard it went well. Any comments? What I learned about being stuck in the Toddler room was that they sure like Ritz crackers! There's also something to be said about a toddler's laugh and smile. It's like medicine for the soul. Bonus points if you get a smile on a kid with a runny nose and only 2 front teeth! They're so innocent looking (altho' some of us Mom's know the opposite!).

Both my children are all snotty nosed and coughing and hacking. I hate it when they're cold. For one thing Matthias HATES, no actually that's too kind of a word, LOATHES taking his medicine. To the point where he starts shaking and gagging and eventually makes himself throw it up (along with anything else that might be left in his stomache!). I love this part* about being a Mom! Callah isn't so bad yet. I can still hold her down and give it to her. Does anyone else have this problem? How do you get a child to take his medicine???

*taken from another blog :

The good husband


Simon: Hi Sweetheart.
(I have call display at work.)

Amy: Hey Si. So, what time are you getting home today? Still planning on leaving early?

Simon: Yes I am; pretty soon I guess. Why, any reason in particular?

Amy: Well, Dex has fallen asleep on the couch since he refused to go to sleep in his crib, and I've changed his bedding but I had to Febreze his room after he puked last night and his sheet is downstairs to be washed but, uh, could you take it out back when you get home and hose it off first? I don't want the chunks to clog up the washing machine.

Simon: You don't want Declan's puke chunks to clog the washing machine?

Amy: Right. I would, but I almost lost it myself when I was changing the sheets since the smell was so bad.

Simon: Well, how could I say no?