Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Toothpick anyone?

This week has been a record for lack of sleep (I think). Monday I went for a walk out at the Little Red, one of my favourite places to walk, and I slipped on some ice. Bonus I didn't fall down, but I did hurt my knee. Steve (who is injury prone) thinks I pulled the muscle in my knee pit (the back of my knee) as it hurts, excruciatingly so, to straighten my leg. I'll give it a few more days until I wimp out and go see a doctor. So not being able to straighten my leg at night reminds me of being pregnant and NEVER finding a comfortable position to sleep. So that's why I'm looking for hold my eyelids open. Steve says, "why don't you go lie down with the kids?" Well dearest, if I go lie down, then come bedtime when you are dead tired, I will be asking a million and one questions, trying to start up a conversation b'cos I'm wide awake thanks to my afternoon nap. No thank you, I'd rather be falling asleep on my feet now.

I missed Mom's yesterday. They had someone from the Jan Richards Salon come and talk. If you're like me and don't wear makeup and "doing your hair" means washing it AND combing afterward, you may be glad you missed it. If you're a more "civilized" person, you may be upset you missed such an awesome experience. I have no idea how it went, all I know is that Clingy Callah is gone. She did awesome yet again yesterday! I'm so proud! Now if only she'd stop eating kleenex.

I made a list of lucky people who get Christmas cards from us. Man, there are alot of people out there we know. I'm not looking forward to the big task at hand. But I'm dowloading Christmas songs as we speak, to get me in the mood, I have eggnog in the fridge and there's always popcorn close by. I think it's almost time to begin.

Now if only I could close my eyes...