Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Yesterday Steve's Mom was in town for a doctor's appt. She stopped in for a few hours to visit the grandkids. Matthias wanted her to read a Disney book (One of the one's with little tid bits from a bunch of Disney movies). She thinks Disney is evil, and TV in general is evil. So the fact that my kid could rattle off all these Disney character names, made me blush in shame. But wait it gets worse. When they got to the Tarzan story, Matthias points and says, " Tarzon has boobs." To which she asks me, "What did he say?" I shrug, totally embarassed. He says it again. "Tarzan's boobs." She gets it now. "Yes, " she says. "He doesn't like to wear much clothes does he?"

Somewhere between utter embarassment and anger, I sat on the couch. I'm just thankful she lives over an hour away!