Monday, November 07, 2005

Kids Say The Darndest Things

Yesterday was a fun day for me, and I won't say it's necessarily b'cos my husband was gone all day. We went to church, which for some reason is always a struggle, no matter how early we get out of bed. That was nice, Grace Lanoie had her new baby there. He's so tiny, hard to remember that my 35 lbs-er was once that small. Almost made me want another one...almost. Church was followed by naps all around. An enjoyable Sunday past time. I love napping with my son. It's one of the things I look forward to, talking to him, or feeling his little arm wrap around my neck in a hug. It's all good. Well yesterday he says "Callah 1, Matthias 3, Luke and Charlotte 5 and Janet has 4". To fully understand this you'd have to know the Loseths. Luke is 16, Charlotte is 14 (i think) and I won't fully guess on Janet's age, but she's their mom. I thought it was cute.

After naps we took our dog Gus (who's female) for a walk out to the Red. We love going out there. There's this Nature Path that Matthias can walk all on his own, so I throw Callah in the back pack and away we go. Yesterday I decided to let Callah get some exercise of her own, so I let her walk a bit back to the van. The first thing she does when I get her out of the backpack is drop on all 4's and lick up some sand. Now if I had know she was going to do this, I would've kept her in the pack. She proceeded to do this 4x!!

Anyway, I had promised Matthias we'd buy a slurpee, so we stopped at home quickly to drop Gus off and as I was getting back into the van, I could hear Matthias talking quietly and a little "amen". I asked him, "were you praying?" He say's "yes" and grabs onto Callah's hand and begins praying again," Thank you God for the walk, for this food, and keep us safe. Amen." I thought how cute! At that moment I almost wanted another one...almost.

Tomorrow at Mom's we're having someone come and talk about budgeting and finance. I personally think this is a good idea. Steve and I have been budgeting since we got married, every month we look at where our money goes. Some months, you just scratch your head and think, what were we thinking? I think tomorrow could be interesting. So if your in the area, come give us a try.

See ya!