Monday, March 26, 2007

2 weeks

It's been almost 2 weeks now since we've had Keziah and there are a few things that I've noticed since we brought her home.

I hate waking up at 3 am.

I hate waking up at 7 am.

Having a baby is harder than I remember, yet at the same time, I find myself thinking about the possibility already of a #4.

Memories of "periods" are too hard to ignore (one of the reasons I like being pregnant is that I don't have periods for 9 months!).

I hate breastfeeding. To me breastfeeding is more of a nuisance than bottle feeding. One of the reasons I breastfeed is because I feel like I will be publicly "marked" if I don't. I love how nurses and other people get this tone in their voice when you talk about formula feeding. This one nurse in the hospital even said, "you do know the consequences...". Uh yeah, my baby will be fed instead of shrieking for milk that (at the time) was not coming in. Anyway...

I'm ALWAYS tired. I thought the lack of sleep in the 9th month was supposed to prep you for the lack of sleep you'd get after baby arrived. No deal in my case.

The kindness of other people is mind blowing.

Keziah looks like a snapping turtle.

And I realized how much I love my family. How helpful and supportive Steve is. The joy Matthias and Callah bring me and the love I feel already for Keziah as I rock her to sleep. I feel so completely blessed!