Monday, March 12, 2007

Just call me wimpy

The contractions started this morning around 6 am. I thought nothing of them 'cos I've been having them off and on for awhile now. Usually I just get up out of bed and they stop. A little more intense than usual 30 mins. later I got up out of bed and stood around waiting to see if they'd keep coming. Sure enough. They came. 30 minutes later still, they were coming every 2 minutes. And finally another 30 minutes later I woke Steve up.

We got the kids away to the families and were on our way to the hospital before 8. I should've known it was too early when everyone kept asking me if I was in labour. Oh yeah, and the fact that I was laughing between contractions. That definately should've given it away!

The head has come down more (altho' not all the way) and I'm definately having pains. In comparison, with Matthias from start to finish it was close to 27 hours. Callah on the other hand, from the time I first felt any sort of contraction to the end, it was only 4 hours. So that's what I'm basing things on. Good grief, if this were Callah, she'd be out by now. The rate I'm going this time, looks like it's going to be very long, very uncomfortable, back pain filled day. I felt like such a wimp when they were examining me and I was barely even dilated. And of course, once again the nurse there said I should be back within' 24 hours. Right, I'm not holding my breathe. I asked her, if my contractions are like 2 minutes apart and I'm barely dilated, then when should I come back to the hospital. She said, normally they look for contractions to be 3 minutes or so apart (okay??), my water actually breaks (none of this slow leak stuff) or the contractions get unbearable.

Right. Thanks for the help.

I hate waiting...

..especially when every 2-5 minutes I have to remind myself to breathe!