Tuesday, March 06, 2007

backtalking and babies

The other night Steve and I went to a movie. Steve is very determined to sit in the middle of the theatre and I like sitting more in the back, so that's where we sat. Unfortunately it was right infront of 3 teenage boys (I'd say around 17). As soon as we sat down I felt the urge to move. It wasn't really that they were talking loudly, the movie hadn't started yet, but more so what they were talking about. They were talking about "hot" girls and their sisters and who they wanted to hook up with. It made me think of property or a possesion. It didn't make me feel right. And then they mentioned the name of one of our youth girls and they phoned her and told her to get her "pretty little ...." down to the theatre. I totally wanted to turn around and tell them to grow up and treat girls better. Then I thought of telling this youth how these guys were talking about her and I thought, but wait, what would she think? Would she be glad that they were even talking about her or would she feel offended like I felt?

I've been talking this bible study called "Fight Like A Girl" by Lisa Bevere for a few months now and the whole idea behind it is how women have been losing sight of their true selves. That (in some cases) we've been ashamed of our femininity and the actual power that comes with it, of course now she's challenging women to discover their beauty, strength and wisdom and celebrate it instead of hiding it. I've felt kinda ho-hum about the whole study, but I do agree with how she thinks that society has been giving women a bum wrap for awhile now. That God did not intend us to be seen as how society has placed us as we are right now. Does that make sense?

Anyway, the more I try to be thoughtful and "deep" the sillier I sound. All I know is that the way these young guys were talking felt really wrong. And it's up to us, as parents, friends, etc to teach the next generation how to properly respect the opposite sex and treat them with as much.

As a side note and back to baby I've been thinking lately about the whole labour/delivery thing. With roughly a week and half to go, it would be silly to say I'm eagerly awaiting it. True I want this baby out, but then I think about the hospital room, the screaming, the pain, the pushing and all the other wonderful joys of childbirth. There's no real easy way out is there? You're in pain and uncomfortable at the end of the pregnancy, then you want the pain to get worse so you can go into labour, and then you finish with a different kind of pain as the uterus shrinks down to it's original size and you recover with a screaming infant. Someone remind me why we do this again?

*as a side note, I'm trying hard to sound intelligent in this post. Seriously. So if I said something completely absurd, please keep it to yourself and e-mail me later about it. Thanks!