Thursday, March 01, 2007

this and that

Last night I had one of those nights. I usually have one or two of them towards the end of a pregnancy. The kind of night where you have every intention of going to bed early, but then you wind up peeing every 20-30 minutes for a good 2-3 hours. Thrown into that is the complete lack of comfortableness, so you're constantly tossing and turning. Thrown into that there's some sort of "domestic dispute" by our "lovely" neighbours that we can actually hear down in our corner room of the basement. At times like that, I find myself sitting up in bed and just sitting. I'll lean against a wall and just pray that God will help me fall asleep.

And then I start thinking.

I thought about moving ourselves back upstairs. It's not like people haven't had 3 kids in a room before. We can do it. If we moved this here....and that there....and took away the other thing. Totally do-able!

I thought about the many other pregnant people I know of and those who have had babies in the past few months. How they're coping and their lives have been changing.

I thought about how sad it was that Ryan Smyth got traded to NY. I always thought he'd be one of those players who spent their whole career with one team. ( This is how much Steve has influenced me, I cried this morning when we saw his news conference at the Edmonton airport.)

I thought about my different bible study groups. How upset I am over getting annoyed with different people in them. That is so not the point of a bible study group! I'm totally evil and deserve to be called out and shot in the street!

I thought about our kindly neighbours and once again the thought popped into my head about how you should not be afraid in your own home. Home is the one place where you should feel safe. Non?

I thought about how this was probably all due to that half a slurpee I had had a few hours ago.

Eventually I think I must have passed out around the 3 am mark.

So here it is again. 11:22 pm and counting. Please God let tonite be better!