Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I knew it

I knew it was going to come. It's been coming every March for as long as I've lived here (true it's only been 6 years, but that's a long time...). It was only a matter of time.


And alot of it.

For as long as I've lived here, there's been a major snowfall in March. I remember this b'cos every March there's a youth retreat in Strathmore that we drive to (more often than not during or right after the big March snowfall). This year we (Steve and I) didn't drive so I suppose it's only fitting that the snow waited till after the retreat (altho' seeing pictures looks like they had to drive thru some whiteout conditions anyway) to come. And boy did it come!


I was so looking forward to spring and the smell of summer coming.

Oh and Steve sent me this personality test thing. I thought it was pretty cool and seemed to describe me head on. Check it out. I hope the link works.