Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year?

In theory it should've been just that...happy. The night started well with the kids and I sitting down to watch one of our 2 movies we had rented (Mulan 2 and Barnyard). We had our popcorn, apples and cheese. Steve was at the church with the youth (the last New Years we spent together was back in '02). The kids had been wanting to see Mulan 2 for awhile so they were pumped and sat quietly through the whole thing. Then came baths. We have to be clean to welcome in the New Year! Then we started watching Barnyard. We got about half way through when that little siren and flashing lights started going off in my head. I don't think we should be watching this. The movie wasn't that funny to begin with but there are these coyotes. And the coyotes were what caused the problem. I shut the movie off, but not soon enough.
"Mommy let's pray that God will lock the door to keep the coyotes out."
"coyotes scary."
"The coyotes are going to eat us."
There was no amount of "the coyotes aren't real", "God will keep you safe", "the door IS locked" that would ease their little minds. So after Steve got home at about 1:30 am, the kids crawled into bed with him. It was about an hour earlier that my tummy decided to start tossing and turning so I decided to tough it out on Callah's bed. That lasted for about 1.5 hrs. I then went back downstairs and pulled out the hideabed, where I continued to toss and turn for the rest of the night.
The next morning brought about 2 tired parents and 2 tired kids. Happy New Years.

But wait, the fun doesn't stop here. I started to have my usual cereal concoction and only got about 2 bites into it when my tummy once again said, "if you eat this, it will surely come back out". So I went back downstairs to my makeshift bed and asked Steve to bring me some honey toast. That lasted in my belly for about an hour. The next 12 hours were filled with...well let's just say "yuckiness in a bucket". I couldn't even keep water and tylenol down. There's nothing like wretching when your 29 weeks pregnant.
At about 4:30 am this morning I could feel a change for the better and aside from 2 dry heaves this morning I'm pleased to say I'm feeling much better. I even ate some chicken for supper! :)

So with all that said, I hope your New Years was better than mine and it continually improves from here! Happy New Year!!