Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Random Blurbs

You know that scene in Fried Green Tomatoes when Kathy Bates' character is looking for a parking spot. She finally finds one, waits and signals her intention, and then backs up to let the other car out. Meanwhile a car comes around from the opposite direction and takes her place. A young, "hip" woman gets out of her shiny, new car and calls Kathy Bates something (I can't totally remember...it's been awhile). Today I felt like her...Kathy Bates' character. A "frumpy", tacky, "older" woman who was going for this spot when a younger woman came from the opposite direction to take my spot. I was sure feeling like smashing my van repeatedly into the younger woman's car (what Kathy does in the movie), but instead I just settled for the "evil eye". Oh yeah, I think she knew where I was coming from.

My children can't be trusted. When they're hungry and there's food anywhere, and I mean ANYWHERE that they can reach. They will reach for it. We have this rule that if they don't eat supper, they don't get anything else to eat. Well this causes all sorts of problems in the morning when our kids wake up around 7 am and neither Steve or I are morning people, so come 8:30 -9 am when we finally make our way to the kitchen we find all sorts of surprises. Whole bunches of grapes mysteriously gone. Cookie jars half empty. Bananas half eaten (and then put back in the fruit bowl). Containers of chinese food (rice no less) on the kitchen table with spoons sticking out of them. Yesterday Callah actually came downstairs with an orange and a very sharp knife. They just can't be trusted with empty bellys. But it's not our fault they don't eat their suppers and we're not morning people...right?

Did anyone see Extreme Makeover Home Edition last weekend? They rebuilt a farm house for a woman and her 6 children after their father/husband died. It was a real tear jerker, especially then they replayed the 911 call. Very tragic.
Anyway, one of the designers put a sandbox in a 2 year old's room! A boy's room no less! Are they crazy??? The designers actually "polled" a crowd of Mom's... and the Mom's agreed it was a good idea!!! You name me 2 Mom's who would love to have a 5ft long sandbox in their 2 year old boys room!! Crazy.

I went for my 32 (or as I like to think ahead...33) week check-up on Monday. I was looking forward to it. This was the day I was suppossed to switch over to the replacement who will be delivering our baby (our real doctor is in Africa somewhere I believe). Well first off, I weigh more than I apparently should (the doctor always tells me that my weight is coming along "a little too good" - cheeky english doctor guy who is replacing my real doctor...that's right, this pregnancy I'm seeing 3 different doctors!) and then he does the hand to belly probe where he checks the babies position only to tell me that the baby is breech again. But don't worry, it's not something we worry about till 34 weeks (uh yeah...that's like A WEEK AWAY!). Then to ease my mind he has trouble locating the heartbeat, and according to my ears, it appears a little slower than it has the past 6 months. No, I'm not worried at all. So back I go to the little english man in a few days, and this baby has rotated again into the proper birthing position, then hopefully I can switch to the other doctor.

We had a really good Mom's Committee Meeting today. I feel like we're going to be touching our inner "child" with some activities coming up. Should be ALOT of fun. I'm really looking forward to it.

Anyway, Steve's sick in bed (I tell ya, he's gone all weekend at a youth "retreat" comes home and is in bed the next 2.5 days with a severe head cold...sometimes I wonder about him...), the kids are fast asleep and I hear a warm bath calling.