Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Words that start with "h"

Hemorrhoid. Heartburn.

This is going to be an awesome post!

And from there I'll just stop.

I've had alot on my mind lately and yet nothing seems to stay there for very long. I'll think of something and the next completely forget and it'll slip my mind until it's too late to do it or too late to ..well...do it. I don't remember pregnancy being like this before. Is it something new? If so, the 4th is looking less and less likely. I can just see myself running around stark naked, in my 3rd trimester with a feather boa wrapped around my middle! That'll look really good in the baby book!!

So the other night I had a dream. I was late for aquasize and really had to pee, but when I got to Marion Aquatics, the bathrooms were out of order, so then I had to go back outside and enter through a different door. At first the lady at the counter wasn't going to let me in to use the bathroom (b'cos I wasn't signed up for classes there), but I eventually weasled my way in and was completely amazed when I saw their "version" of bathrooms. It was like 3 rows of 20 or so chairs, all side by side and completely in the open. So much so, that you could see what everyone was "doing" (if you catch my drift). I was completely disgusted, but had to pee REALLY bad, so I sat in one of these chairs and then I couldn't get the little pedal to move (like an outhouse toilet) and so it went everywhere. What a mess! Of course I don't remember having to clean it up, I must've just ran out of there and back into Marion, where surprise, surprise, they had fixed the toilets and was late for my aquasize and it completely ruined my night!

Last night, I ran out the door for aquasize, a little later than usual, and really had to pee. Hmm...deja vu? Luckily everything was in working order and aquasize went on without a hitch.


Then (and I'm just going to mention this 'cos it just happened a little while ago) today Callah comes downstairs and I could smell that she's done something nasty. She's says, "Mommy, I poop." Okay, at least she's telling me, so I swing her around and it's BUBBLING up her pants! No word of a lie, there's pooey bubbles coming out. Sick!! I've never seen that before, part of me is amazed and the other is completely repulsed! Anyway, she's all showered and clean now. So it's all good.

Mom's today was pretty cool. Melissa Drury shared her love of photography and for someone who's never taken a class (on the subject) she sure knows alot. Of course, nothing against her, but I'm a firm believer that anyone can take a picture. So originally I was going to post some of my latest favourites along here, but my computer is acting up and freezing and that just won't do for now. So maybe later. But you can check out these sites that I like to browse from time to time.