Saturday, January 06, 2007

what do I look like?

Is it just me or do other Mom's look like kleenex? I figure I must look like kleenex 'cos my kids always come up to me and wipe their noses then leave.

Mom's Morning Out starts up again this Tuesday, Jan.9. First day is the usual kids craft cutting bee, the next week the sessions start with yours truly giving a Marriage Talk. You can check out the schedule here. You may be wondering what right do I have to give a marriage talk. Well you're right in wondering. I know nothing more or less than anyone else, but that's the point I'm hoping to get across. It all came about after a prayer meeting I had back in November, when we were talking about how nobody really says how difficult marriage can be. When you get married you (sometimes) mistakenly think that you'll have this honeymoon period and that life will be grand and having kids is easy and life just rolls on. In reality, as most of us know, life is not like that. So this next session we're having a series of 4 talks by Moms who have been married for various lengths and what they've learned and mistakes they've made and how they're normal for doing and making them. I'm also hoping that Mom's listening will maybe hear stories similiar to they're own and realize that they're not alone in many of the conflicts that we all seem to face.

I'm looking forward to it. If nothing else it will give Mom's a chance to talk about their marriage and life, which is something we tend to do when we get together anyway. I remember back in Decemeber on our last Mom's Day Out trip to S'toon, the whole way to S'toon we talked about labour and delivery of our children. We can't escape it, even if we want to!

I'm also thinking of another Mom's Nite Out here at the end of January. We'll be doing the supper/bowling thing. I'm not sure of the dates, but stay posted if you're interested and I'll let you know soon.

Otherwise, hope to see you Tuesday!