Thursday, January 18, 2007

Rattin' *&%$%*!@$# stupidhead

I realize the last thing I should be doing is writing on this thing when I'm fuming mad, but really, he doesn't read it, so who cares?


It's already been one of those days and all I want to do is curl up in my bed with a 2L of ice cream. Chocolate ice cream. With bits of fudge and chocolate mousse in it.


Well, after taking a 15 minute break and some seriously deep breaths I've calmed down some and will continue this post in a different direction.

A friend and I have started taking aquasize. I took it almost 3 years ago (wow it's a lot longer than I thought!) when I was pregnant with Callah as well. Not sure if it actually did anything (I can remember taking more pee breaks than actually excercising!) but figured it was better than sitting around doing nothing in the cold winter months. So here I am again, with the same thought process behind me, only this time around, instead of being 4-7 months pregnant, I'm STARTING the crazy thing 8 months pregnant and will be ending 1-2 weeks before I'm actually due. Now you tell me...good or bad idea? Sometimes I wonder. However after the first 2 lessons I'm feeling pretty good and have had no new pains or discomfort. That's a good sign. I think it's more pyschological than anything. If I let myself think about doing it this late on, I worry that I'm doing the right thing. On the other hand, I know that if I go at my own pace and do what I can I should be alright. So really there's no point in worrying. Right?

And then there's Callah. Since we started potty training, she's mysteriously do you say it? "Plugged"? I was a little worried, again if you read Dixie's blog you'll know that they've had problems with Madeline holding in her poop. And Callah's always been regular before, so I started to think of things that always make me...uh...go. Macarooni, fast food, cheese and finally we hit the jackpot today! Slurpees! Who says they're not good for anything? Got a bowel problem? Drink a slurpee! Man was it a doozy!! Hopefully we'll figure out what's plugging her up and fix it before it causes some serious problems. And I really hope it's not from potty training, she's actually doing pretty good!

Sometimes I wonder about my crazy in-laws...