Saturday, January 13, 2007

Talking Heads

This week has been a real doozer. Started out by waking up Monday morning to all 4 of our tires slashed on the van. The rest of the day pretty much sucked. Think all you want on things like the jack breaking, poop flying, food slopping and things dropping. Think the worst and that was our day. It ended nicely, we were warm in our comfy beds and all was quiet, so I won't complain about that.

Tuesday was snow day. Steve's neck was hurting like a bugger, so he ventured out to the chiropractor and rented some movies on the way back. That pretty much sums up the next few days as well. I hate snow days. And reading other people's blogs and what they thought of the "worst storm in 10 years", was kinda funny. I can remember walking 5 blocks to school, back when I was younger, through blizzards. I'd be so decked out, with long johns, pants and ski pants. Toques, hoods and my Grandma's homemade scarf wrapped like 8 times around my head so that just a little slit of skin was open so that I could see. That was winter. When there were snow drifts as tall as our van. It doesn't get like that anymore, and when it does, like Tuesday, the world seems to stop. We can't cope with the winter's of the past.

And then of course, after the snow came the cold. I'd still rather take cold than hot anyday of the year. You can always put on more clothes, but there's a limit to what you can take off. So the cold doesn't bother me. The only problem these days is I can only fit so much under my skipants. They're a wee tight themselves. And with the cold comes troubles all it's own, like vehicles not starting and so forth. The kids are getting antsy so we threw them outside today. Before you get the wrong impression, it was their idea. So they went, and they lasted for about 15 minutes before coming back in and saying it was too cold. At least they tried.

Then came Friday and I was able to get out on my own to do some errands like visiting my Grandma at the hospital which was infuriating in it's own way. She looked so tiny and frail in that hospital bed and you just wanted to kick all the nurses standing around talking and laughing while she waited for someone to wash her face...for the first time that 4:00 in the afternoon. That night I went to a movie/fondue/prayer meeting. It was great and made the rest of the week so worth it. Thank you ladies!

As for the subject heading. Steve and I rented Clerks 2 (not recommendable) and we stopped it about 10 minutes in. I told Steve that the best thing about it was the song they played during the opening credits. It was Nothing but Flowers by the Talking Heads. My Dad went thru a Talking Heads phase back when I was about 12. They were awesome!

Anyway, I just hope next week is better.